Monday, July 18, 2011

Not The Best Weekend to be From New York Law School

It's been a busy weekend around here in Brooklyn, especially with the big feature on my alma mater, New York Law School in the weekend New York Times (here).  This was piggy-backed on the recent study that New York has more than 7,000 more lawyers than available legal jobs (7,687 last year to be exact).  The next closest state?  California at 2,951.

Normally, I don't think too many of my friends read the New York Times (or atleast they don't dump links to stories on me), but this weekend I got the story about New York Law School emailed to me more than a dozen times.  It had been a weird couple of months for me in relation to NYLS and I recently received the infamous email from the outgoing dean that he was stepping down from his position.  For a few weeks now, we've been wondering what was about to come out, why would he step down at such a time that the school seemed to be enjoying such success?  Maybe this article had been in the works for longer than we knew.

Since starting my own firm, I've been congratulated by friends and colleagues on making such a big move, especially in this job market.  Now, after reading all this negative recent press, I'm staving off the inclination to get nervous.

Atleast I have some issues to work out with Time Warner to keep my mind distracted...

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