Monday, August 15, 2011

A One-Sided Battle?

According to Friday's Wall Street Journal, the so-called "Tablet War" is more like a drubbing, and while people have purchased nearly 29 million iPads, meanwhile Motorola has sold a whopping 690,000 tablets and RIM has sold approximately 500,000 tablets (HP didn't say how many they had sold, but are apparently already cutting the price of their TouchPad).  As the Journal points out, "Rivals discuss how many tablets they are shipping, but don't disclose how many units are actually being purchased by customers."

Traveling around New York (and beyond), I often encounter other people with iPads, but have yet to see one of the competitors in the hands of anyone else.  It seems that each time you read about a new tablet, it's compared to the iPad and its inferiorities are highlighted.

When I purchased my iPad, I was still working at a law firm that was not particularly technology forward.  There were no real opportunities to incorporate it into my practice and daily life.  However, since starting my own law firm, I have been able to integrate the many applications already created for iOS into my practice, including many beyond the simple contact management (i.e. email, calendar, contacts).

For all of my client meetings, I no longer have to grab a large briefcase and bring all kinds of files and paper with me.  Everything is accessible through my iPad, including Practice Management Software (GoClio), which allows for the creation of a client extranet.  When going into court with clients, it's an added bonus to have everything in one place, especially with the free wi-fi available in courthouses.

In the end, I never considered a different tablet (the only that even raised my eyebrow was the RIM Playbook, but only because I've been  a Blackberry aficionado for so many years) and I haven't seen anything in the press or otherwise to make me question that decision.

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