Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Will the Court Sign My Divorce Judgment?

There are many people who experience the agony of a lengthy wait for their divorce judgment to finally be signed.  While Kim Kardashian may find ways to speed up the process, many people are stuck waiting for months.  A novel way to send a message popped up online this week, a holiday poem that has gotten an attorney in a bit of trouble.  The poem, posted on Above the Law, details yet another lengthy divorce that seemingly will never end, but it seems that the poster may be in a bit of trouble for his creativity.

The frustration of a litigant trapped in a seemingly never-ending family law matter is all too common.  This week, I had a consultation with a woman whose child is already past the age of emancipation, but the father of the child continues to file applications with the Court to change custody, to get child support and for other relief.  Despite the child being an adult, being pregnant and getting ready to get married, the father will not allow the mother and the daughter to move on with their lives.

It is these types of cases that are the source of endless frustration for litigants who are forced to pay years of legal fees for cases that should have been resolved.  Although the Court has a role of gatekeeper to hopefully stop these baseless claims, they always seem to find their way through and get on the court's calendar.  Currently, a good portion of my family law practice is taken up with these types of cases that seem to have no end in sight.  Even with motion practice and aggressive representation, to many clients it appears that their case will never end.

While I don't recommend the approach used by A. Todd Merolla in his case, there needs to be some way to ensure that these cases are wrapped up in a timely manner for the mental well-being of all involved.

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