Friday, January 18, 2013

Hot Tempers and Cold Temperatures

The beginning of the year has brought an influx of new cases and it seems like I have been spending a lot of time in court recently. As the weather gets colder here in New York, it seems that people are getting hotter under the collar than ever before. This week I’ve seen people fighting over why they should even obey a court order from two years ago, why they need to follow the rules of appellate procedure and why a doctor should be responsible for botching a very basic medical procedure.

The Courts seem to be busier than ever and are happy to remind us all of that fact at every turn. A clerk on Monday repeatedly announced to the Court that she had been out of the office on Friday and had 8 emails to respond to! I wish I was lucky enough to have only 8 emails in my inbox, but alas, I am not that lucky. My inbox is filling up with the wonderful pay day loan scammers who seem to enjoy responding to my prior blog posts on the subject and are trying to convince me that their product, and the 4,000% interest that they will charge me, are beneficial to people and that they would never abuse their customers. You can insert my eye roll here.

As they year begins, and the fiscal cliff discussions wind down, it’s a good time to move forward, maybe even with an optimistic view, and prepare for the upcoming year.

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