Friday, July 5, 2013

The Heat Wave in the City

It's that time of the year when the weather gets hot and the people get really agitated. I was in Court earlier this week and watched two attorneys get into some really fierce arguments over rather mundane things. When the Court made its ruling, the attorneys were told to write up an order and submit it for signing. For most cases, that would be the end of the day. For this case, it apparently was just the beginning.

It seems that one of the attorneys was rather unhappy with what the judge had directed (or, as I discovered, the attorney's boss, who was not in the courtroom, was unhappy) and the attorney demanded to argue in front of the judge again. Not surprisingly, the argument ended the same way even after the judge heard it a second time and the only result was that the attorneys were left until the end of the calendar to finally get their order signed.

When you add in the hot weather, the anger over the argument and the general demeanor of the attorneys, it was everything you don't want to see on a hot summer day in the city.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay cool!

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