Friday, August 2, 2013

Quiet Summer Fridays and the Black Hole of August

As the calendar turned to August this week, it seems that many of the people I deal with have headed for other pastures for the remainder of the summer. Court dates have been magically adjourned to after Labor Day and I reach a lot of voicemail messages when I call people for even mundane matters. Even in Court, the clerk’s office yesterday had only 1 clerk working at 10:00 (there are 10 windows, so a 10% attendance rate is not particularly impressive).

One thing that never seems to fail, at least in New York City, is that there are people who love to double-park on street cleaning days. I made the mistake of driving to the New York office today, forgetting that Friday was the street cleaning day in the neighborhood, and spent far too much time trying to find a space to squeeze my car into. All of the double parked cars might be the only indication I’ve seen all day that not all people are gone for their vacations. The office is pretty empty, the streets are still pretty crowded.

In addition to the legal work, August will be a busy month getting ready for the opening of my New Jersey office and the additional logistics that will be involved with running two offices simultaneously.

Whatever your plans are, enjoy your August and the warm relaxing days before Labor Day and the onset of fall.

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