Friday, May 30, 2014

The Saga of the Missing Defendant Continues…

After months of wrangling to finally get the trial to go forward, it appeared that May would be the month that we finally wrapped the case up. But then, the other party failed to appear at trial last week. And then we found out that he had been arrested, which is why he had failed to appear, and the matter was rescheduled.

Still, the preparation for trial continued and again the trial date approached. But lo and behold, just two days before the trial, the other party was apparently found guilty in a criminal court and has now been incarcerated for a few months. So our new challenge now is to find a way to have the other party produced for the trial from his incarceration and ensure that the trial proceeds in a fair manner.

So now we are left to wait for a new trial date from the Court and hope that this trial can finally proceed someday.

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