Monday, June 23, 2014

Enter the Dog Days of Summer…

… and the random and crazy stories that always seem to follow. There is something about the warm weather that seems to bring out the interesting cases/stories. In between this amazing World Cup, there have been some real interesting prospective clients.

Last week, it was the very nice woman who spent about 30 minutes telling me a variety of stories about how she had been wronged. Try as I might, it took about that long to get her to actually tell me about the lawsuit she had filed. When we got to that, it was against a person who had nothing to do with all of the stories she had told me.

When we finally began to discuss the actual lawsuit and what had happened, it turns out that the case has been going on for a while now and is scheduled for trial very soon. The true creativity in her case? Creating a number for damages. When I asked the woman how she arrived at the amount she was suing for, she told me that it just felt right. No documents to support the number, nothing else that even indicates that she had suffered any damages, it just felt right to sue the person for that amount.

And because that amount just felt right, her proposal for what she could pay for legal fees (which was no payment, i.e., a pro bono case for me) really wasn’t that shocking. I will be following the case on the court system’s online database to see how that one turns out.

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