Monday, July 14, 2014

Large Litigation and the Need to Digitize your Files

In between the other crazy cases that seem to pop up in the summer, I also have a legacy case that has been going on for more than a decade. The amazing thing about this case is that it is just an unending wave of filings (my client told me today that there have been 84 motions to the appeals court). It has become almost a weekly event that a new volley of filings rifles their way through the court system.

Once a week, I spend a good portion of the day with my client putting together more response papers, addendums, exhibits and other documents to star this week off. The case illustrates the importance of being able to store documents electronically. Without it, you would need to rent a rather large storage locker to be able to house all of the documents that have been filed in the case.

With the relative ease and increasing storage limits of the cloud and other electronic storage options, a decade’s worth of litigation papers can be held on a flash drive or accessible through the web wherever you are. In addition to digitizing the files, it’s also important to make them searchable, unless you are truly a glutton for punishment who is seeking to manually scan through thousands of documents for that one allegation or graphic that you need for your case.

When you have all your documents into digital format, you can share them virtually with your client and get a set of them onto a tablet or laptop computer that you can take to court, and then you won’t be forced to drag a large bag behind you as you attempt to maneuver the stairs at your local courthouse. I still find it amazing to see the two camps of attorneys at the courthouse: the first set seem to carry a mountain of paper that would make Atlas cringe and the second set seem to breeze into the courthouse with nothing more than their tablet and a smile.

I know which camp I prefer to be in…

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