Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Saga of the Missing Defendant Has Ended

It took nearly one year, but on a hot Tuesday afternoon in July, the saga of the missing Defendant finally resolved itself in Court yesterday. After months of court appearances, sometimes with the Defendant there, most of the time with him not, we proceeded to trial yesterday to finally get my client divorced.

To get to this point, we had 2 trial dates adjourned in May because the Defendant did not appear. At the first date, the Defendant spent the morning in the courtroom, but the trial was scheduled for the afternoon. When the afternoon rolled around, the Defendant was nowhere to be found. As it turned out, he had been arrested over the lunch break and the case was adjourned to later in May.

Later in May rolled around, and again, the Defendant did not appear. This time, however, we found the Defendant, who was in jail and would be there for a while. So the case was adjourned again, this time to July, and the Court ordered that the Defendant was to be produced from his detention center to the criminal courthouse for the trial.

Sitting in the Criminal Courthouse in a foreign courtroom was an odd scene, especially with the numerous court officers and corrections officers overseeing the proceeding. But after making sure to get through a variety of procedures to ensure that we could get the case done, we were finally able to resolve the case and the Defendant can go back to his life and my client can move on with her life.

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