Monday, July 7, 2014

Trial Preparation in the Unbearable Heat

It's another very hot day in the city that makes me glad to work indoors. As the week begins with another stretch of court appearances in the blazing heat, I am at least able to pass the time inside and prepare for the first appearance, a trial tomorrow. It's the missing Defendant, who has finally been found (he's incarcerated and we finally know how to make him appear for trial).

In addition to the trial, I met with a nice young lady this morning who is having an issue with lost baggage and her airline. I am hoping it was due to the heat, but she was quite upset and wanted to pretty much sue the world over her lost luggage. Some of it has been found, some has not yet, and there must be some very important items in the baggage.

Unfortunately for her, the first response to sue everyone (and she wanted to sue EVERYONE) is not necessarily the best course, especially when dealing with the airlines. While this young lady had her heart set on a lawsuit, there are a lot of terms and conditions that apply whenever you take an airline flight. Want something fun to read? Ever tried American Airlines' Conditions of Carriage?* 

After years of dealing with passengers, the airlines have their policies and they stick to them pretty rigidly. Lawsuits aren't always the best way to go.

*Not the airline that this young lady flew on, they are used just as an example.

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