Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Leaves and the Fourth Quarter

The calendar has turned to October and the fourth quarter of the year is upon us. As the leaves begin to change and the pumpkins are being picked, it’s also a good time to get your planning done for the final weeks of the year. Gone are the hectic summer days of prenuptial agreements and last minute vacations that need to be scheduled with an emergency motion (instead of simply talking to your ex-spouse). Now the docket is busy with small businesses preparing for the final push of the year (and the holiday shopping season for those in the retail industry).

It also seems that since everyone went “back to school” for the fall, cases have been finally getting resolved that sat dormant throughout the summer. A few settlement checks have rolled in, including some that I didn’t even know were coming. All good news, but they can catch us off guard at times.

For a good listen, check out this podcast from Sam Glover and Daniel Gershburg. Find an hour in your day to settle in and listen to these two discuss a variety of topics – you won’t be sorry!

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