Monday, December 8, 2014

New Construction and New Headaches

I can’t count how many times I  have walked by construction sites in my life without giving them a second thought. Sometimes they are creating a new or innovating building, or maybe restoring an old brownstone to its former glory. Other times, they just appear to be making a big mess, pushing dirt around and annoying the neighbors.

The past week or so, I’ve been forced to get involved in the fallout from construction near my office in New Jersey. For the most part, I’ve been able to stay out of the fray for the past few months, but this week, when it began to affect the ability of my clients to get to my office, I am stuck filing complaints with the town.

My office neighbors know I am a lawyer, so they are turning to me to begin to help them with their complaints to the town as well. They all seem to think that this is going to turn into a huge litigation case, but I have a feeling the end will be much quieter and everyone will just be brought into a room and forced to mediate our gripes.

There was enough year end planning on my plate, but now it seems I’m to be roped into this dispute whether I like it or not.

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