Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What Does Your Home Screen Say About You?

In court the other day, my adversary was showing me a document on her ipad and we got to talking about our home screens. With the prevalence of “smart phones” these days, everyone’s device is populating with all kinds of apps to supposedly help us manage our workflow and be able to do more tasks on our phones.

For my adversary’s ipad, it was interesting to see that her home screen seemed to be the untouched initial layout that comes with your device. When we began talking, I asked her why she hasn’t moved apps around or organized them in a different fashion. She told me that she simply got used to having them where they are and never saw the need to move anything from its original location.

For me, a lot of times when I need to access an app, I simply pull down and use Spotlight to search for what I need (including for contacts and other items that aren’t apps). While I like to think that my apps are all organized into a logical progression, I’m not so sure that they are. Just when I thought I had given too much thought to my topic, I came across the Mac Power Users podcast and their November 30 edition where they discussedtheir iphone home screens.

I don't think I ever put that much thought into how my screens are organized or what my background image says about me. But now, I am wondering whether the layout I use makes any sense for someone who isn’t me…

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