Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dumplings and the Need for More Paper Signatures

It’s been a busy week of getting closure for a variety of clients. Every now and then, I end up with a run of cases that settle or go to trial and leave me with a bunch of work to close up files and get ready for the next challenges that await.

This week has included finally tracking down some missing defendants and filing some settlement paperwork with a variety of courts so that we can all move forward.

Working with one client highlighted the inefficiencies of our system where the court still required original, notarized documents to be filed with the clerk’s office. Both my client and the defendant work in the technology industry and are used to working with electronic signature protocols that are prevalent in many industries (although not yet in the legal field). So it came as a shock to the parties that we had to actually have documents physically signed in the presence of a notary public instead of their electronic certification software that they utilize (I won’t name any software because I can’t really vouch for them as effective or safe software).

The documents we needed to sign were not particularly sensitive or unique, but since the court requires it, we went through the necessary motions to get all the physical copies circulated and signed and then filed with the correct clerk. With the documents filed and the case wrapped up, the client and I had a lovely lunch of tasty dumplings where we closed up the matter and bemoaned the lack of technological acumen that still exists in the legal system.

Some day, the law will move forward and we’ll slowly embrace many of the technologies that the creative thinkers of today are creating. Until then, I’ll have another dumpling and apologize to another client for the inefficiencies in our system.

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