Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Not So Lazy Days of Summer

It seems like almost everyone I deal with is on vacation, but they are making their assistants do a lot of work in their absences. The Courts seem quiet, gearing up for a post-Labor Day rush that seems to arrive each year.

For my part, my inbox has been filled up with Orders that have been long neglected, judgments that need to be entered and other documents that need to be served. But the calls and messages come from assistants, not the attorneys. The attorneys seem to have all left for parts unknown, leaving a pile of tasks for their office to complete while they are gone.

These neglected piles of documents have suddenly become important and I am magically expected to jump up and immediately handle these long neglected matters of utter importance (longest neglect: 2+ years) as if it was somehow my fault that they had been neglected. The urgency ignores the scores of letters and other documents that I have sent in the interim, trying to get these things resolved so that they wouldn’t pile up for an end of the summer tsunami of work.

So now my calendar is suddenly filled, dissolutions of companies, dissolutions of marriages and incorporations of companies. I’m not sure how they are all inter-related, but they all are somehow.

It’s like a spider-web, but the spiders left for vacation and left their assistants to tend to the web.

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