Monday, September 14, 2015

Mobile Mondays

Waking up to the cool weather this morning, it finally feels like the fall is here. The weekends are filled again with kids’ activities, back to school is in full swing, and the court’s calendars seem to be over-filled once again. With holidays closing the schools and leaving some light court calendars, I somehow find myself in three different boroughs of New York.

It begins in Staten Island with a dissolution matter that seems destined to take up a good part of my fall calendar, then is followed by a new client meeting in Brooklyn with an innovative company seeking to change our restaurant experiences (stay tuned…) and then finally a long time client with some collections needs in Manhattan. Thankfully, the hot summer temperatures evaporated late last week, or today would have been unbearable for all the travels.

Finishing up the travel portion of the day, it was nice to catch up with another long time client who followed me from a former job and just wanted to see how things are doing these days. So generally, it was a busy but good beginning to a week of hearings and a very acrimonious conference coming up.

Mobile Mondays are exhausting but fulfilling.

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