Friday, January 29, 2016

Welcome 2016 - It's Been a While

Until I logged in this morning, I didn't realize that it had been four months since I last blogged. For some reason, with a crazy Fall of 2015, I just never made it back here to post any blogs. I'm sure that it had to do with some of the craziness surrounding my cases, and some to do with the general craziness of life.

As the calendar rolled over to 2016, a variety of new opportunities have been presenting themselves and the integration of some new technology has also made things interesting. I recently transitioned over to Timepage by Moleskine as my calendar management app on my phone. If you haven't checked it out, it's worth the $1.99 and for me, it's a beautiful presentation of my weekly schedule and it just feels right when looking at my calendar.

In addition to technology, I've been working with a friend from years ago on a possible exciting business opportunity (which is still in its infancy and not ready to publicly discuss), which would add a bit of spice to my practice and offer some real long lasting benefits to current clients and open up some new markets for future clients.

This time of year also allows a good opportunity to look back on where life took us in 2015 and where it might go in 2016. 2016 will mark my fifth year anniversary of having my own business and looking back on where I was in 2011 to where I am in 2016, it's been quite a transformation. Five years ago at this time I was about as miserable as I've been in my entire life, but just a few years later, I'm probably happier than I ever thought I would be.

So I am optimistic as to what 2016 has to bring...