Friday, February 5, 2016

A Long Week of Hearings & Tech

It feels like I lived this week in two different worlds - a technology conference world and a litigation world. Both of them get the adrenaline going, but in very different ways.

Attending LegalTech and the events that go with it is much less stressful than the hearings that took up the rest of my time this week, but it still takes up plenty of brain space and operations. Part of me wishes there was an "On/Off" button to just switch between the two modes of operation. 

But alas, there is no such button, so I'm finally able to sit down on a Friday morning and clear my head and get ready for next week (and the Super Bowl this weekend).

The paperwork and preparation that goes into hearings is a long slog of a process, with all of the hearings being in state courts that do not have the capacity for electronic submission of evidence or other basic technology that is readily available. So instead, we have to make copies of mounds of papers, only to reach a settlement minutes before the hearing is supposed to start, with everyone now scrambling to get all of their revisions completed to submit to the Court. 

It would be much easier to just pull up the settlement document on a laptop or tablet, make the changes and then wirelessly print it to one of the printers in the courtroom. I feel like I give this same speech to clients every time we go through this and it's just a pipe dream that someday will come to realization.

Enjoy your weekend and the inevitable Super Bowl parties that will crowd our weekend calendars...

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