Monday, February 1, 2016

Getting Ready for LegalTech 2016

The first week of February each year brings the annual LegalTech show in New York. Even when I worked for someone else, I always tried to make sure to get to a day or two of the show to see what's going on. The reality is that most of the tech and vendors are aimed at a very different market than I serve or represent. Aspirationally, it would be great to need most of the services being displayed, but the reality is that it normally takes a few years for some of these tech innovations to filter down to smaller law firms and their clients.

I ran into a technology journalist friend of mine the other day and we began talking about some of the new tech toys that are going to be on display at LegalTech, which, of course, just made him laugh. Most of the technology that we as lawyers get excited about, the rest of the world has tried, kicked the tires, revised, adapted or otherwise advanced will beyond our excitement.

These past few weeks have seen an interesting rise and (possible) crash of a new social network called Peach. It got a big write up in the New York Times and all of a sudden it seemed like everyone wanted to be on it. But then, it seems, a funny thing happened. As my journalist friend pointed out to me, a lot of the features or things that supposedly distinguished Peach, were confusing to consumers. So while Peach shot up to the top 100 apps, just a few weeks later, it's struggling to keep pace. As my friend pointed out, trying to take on social networking sites, especially Facebook, has been a pretty tough slog for a variety of companies (even Google and its Google+). 

So it's off to LegalTech tomorrow to see what's the next big thing in legal technology...

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