Monday, March 14, 2016

Why Does Daylight Savings Time Exist?

Each year, twice a year, our inboxes and twitter feeds are filled with stories about daylight savings time and why we do it. Once in the fall, and now in the spring. Over the weekend, the New York Times had an article by Daniel Victor about why it exists. Mr. Victor also discussed pushes by Rhode Island and California to abolish daylight savings time.

I was surprised to learn that the gasoline industry was one of the driving forces because people go out and enjoy the extra daylight, and do so in their cars.

On the other end of the day, this morning (and yesterday) felt like they began a lot earlier than Saturday morning. Today the little ones slept in, but somehow yesterday they were up at their normal time (even with the clock adjustment). The commuters at the train station seemed to be moving a little slower and the rainy morning didn't help people adjust.

Clearly it's not the way most of the folks wanted to start their week...

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