Wednesday, May 25, 2016

... and We're Down to One Jurisdiction

After more than three months, the various courts on my multi-state litigation have finally narrowed down the jurisdictional issue and decided that New York will no longer be joining us in the case. The state never really had a connection to the case, other than the barrage of petitions that were filed in the hopes that the case would somehow get moved out of New Jersey and across the river.

With that particular jurisdictional battle nailed down, I found another waiting on my doorstep this morning, this time throwing in a third state to a curveball. This time, there is an original state that issued an order (Pennsylvania), and now one party is in New Jersey and the other party is in North Carolina. So it's on to sort out a three-state trifecta.

Is there a four-state a litigation awaiting me in the fall? Outside of a class action, I wonder what is the limit on the amount of states to get involved in a litigation...

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