Friday, May 20, 2016

Great Office Spaces and Your Own Office Design

Although I don’t have a lot of input on either space, I’ve seen a bunch of articles this week on the importance of office design and its impact on your productivity. The last one I read this week from the HarvardBusiness Review talked about the seven factors of Great Office Design:
  • Location
  • Enclosure
  • Exposure
  • Technology
  • Temporality
  • Perspective
  • Size

The article also highlights the offices of Adobe and Yodle and how their offices are designed. It seems like the world wanted to discuss office spaces this week as I also had conversations about office spaces and their designs with some friends and clients as well.

Some of my friends lamented the amount of rent they pay for a traditional “lawyer” office that seems to be stuck in the 1980’s. While many of their clients work in innovative and advanced work spaces, their walls are covered with old books filled with statutes that have long since been changed. If you are filming an old lawyer show, it would be a great set, but for today’s legal world, they seem out of place.

The other end of the spectrum was a meeting at a client’s office, which has many of the amenities that demonstrate that the company is really on the cusp of greatness. You arrive at the building, your security pass is waiting for you, there is a “Welcome” message in the lobby directing you to the floor and room for your meeting, the receptionist greets you when you get off the elevator and directs you to the meeting while offering you a snack and a beverage.

Seeing both ends of the spectrum within hours of each other was a real eye opener…

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