Friday, September 30, 2016

Podcast Listening: Note to Self's "Digging Into Facebook's File on You"

Working my way through my weekly backlog of podcasts and I finally got to one of my favorite's, WNYC's Note to Self. This week's podcast focuses on Facebook's algorithm and what Facebook really knows about us (maybe even more than we know about ourselves).

With all of the information that runs through Facebook, they are literally sitting on a gold mine of customer information and data about our habits and everyday life. As a business, this allows you to be extremely precise when marketing to a particular segment of Facebook users, including people who got married last week or people who bought a car in the last 90 days. This ability to hyper-target users is almost unheard of in the context of the true marketing power at our fingertips these days.

But with all that data comes the questions of what is being done with it, who's using it and how it can actually influence our lives. To analyze this all, ProPublica has created a Black Box Data Project as an extension to Google Chrome. This extension will allow you to see what data Facebook has about you and whether it really matches up to who you are.

With all of this data out there, it's really interesting to see what the data says about you and whether it's truly accurate...

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