Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Importance of Customer Service

For a variety of reasons, I have spent a good portion of my non-legal research time today on the phone with a variety of customer service departments. Each one handles things a little differently, which made a big difference in the way I reacted to the calls.

One of the departments fed me through an automated phone tree for an entire call. While it was the shortest of the three calls, it was also the one that left me the least confident that my issue had really been resolved. While it resulted in an automated voice giving me a confirmation number at the end of the call, I will have to watch the mail for a few days to see if it was truly resolved.

The second call seemed rather straightforward from my end, but somehow ended in a dead end. The customer service representative could not figure out exactly how to solve my problem, gave it her best guess, and then gave me another telephone number to call to hammer it out (which ended up being the wrong number).

The final call seemed to hit all the right notes. The customer service representative took down my number for a possible call back if we got disconnected, went through her system as best she could, and when she hit the wall on her end, put me on hold to speak to someone else. When she came back on the line, she re-directed me to a website that could hopefully solve my issue. Instead of just hanging up, she stayed on the phone until I had completed the process to ensure that it was all taken care of and showed up on her end as well. It wasn't the longest of the three calls, but it was definitely the most thorough and dedicated to ensure my issue was solved.

When approaching your clients, it is important to remember that your business exists to serve your clients and each interaction you have with them has to begin with that thought in mind.

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