Monday, May 22, 2017

It's the End of the School Year, Time to Plan Ahead

No matter if you are just starting school, are in school, graduating, or haven't been in a classroom in decades, it always seems like the end of the school year impacts our lives in some way each year. 

For some of my clients, the end of the school year reminds them of the need to plan for the future, especially as their children are one year closer to starting (or graduating) college. So now is a good time to circle around with your financial advisor and see what plans you have put into place for savings for college (or other large upcoming expenditures like a wedding). It's also a good time to re-examine your estate plan and see that everything is up to date and see if you need to put some money aside in a trust or other mechanism if your children are still under the age of majority.

If you're running a small business, the end of the school year will often coincide with the end of a fiscal quarter, or even the fiscal year if you're working on a June 30th year. With the warmer days of summer approaching, it's also a good time to see how the first half of 2017 has gone and where you have opportunities for growth over the course of the summer and into the fall and winter.

While it may be the end of the school year, it's also a great opportunity to be the beginning of one of your best years yet! Don't let the opportunity bypass you to get some good planning under your belt before the warm summer weather becomes too distracting.

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