Monday, July 10, 2017

When Do I Need An Estate Plan?

One of the most common questions I get is when should someone create an estate plan. This normally seems to come up as we are wrapping up another legal matter and my client remembers that we had discussed their need for an estate plan a while ago (or when I meet young parents at an event and they ask what I do for a living). Since we are fast approaching the middle of summer, the answer is simply:

Right Now

The middle of summer is a quiet time for most people and is a good time to think about your estate plan and get things in motion to get it wrapped up. While it may not be the top priority, summer time is a perfect time to get things in order:
  • You have time to meet with an attorney
  • You have time to talk with your family
  • You have time to think about the details of your estate plan
  • You have time to sit down and sign your estate plan
Putting this in place, you can have your estate plan draft, signed and off your plate before the rush of "Back to School" hits in September.

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