Friday, September 1, 2017

All the Marketers...

As the end of the summer draws near, August has been the usual parade of prenuptial agreements, quiet business launches, estate plans and other minor matters that people want to get wrapped up before the start of the school year. However, in between all of that work, it seems like the marketers have suddenly awoken and begun a hard push for their fall numbers.

While many people have enjoyed August vacations, it seems these poor marketers are trapped behind a desk (or at least at a Starbucks on Citrix spoofing their Caller ID) and making call after call offering things like,
  • Social Media Marketing - from individuals and companies who have less of a social media following than I do. I don't claim to be the best social media marketer by any stretch of the imagination, but why would I turn over my social media feeds to someone with less followers than I currently have?
  • Website Re-Design - some very industrious individuals have spent hours this summer "re-designing" my website so that they can demonstrate what a better website for me would look like, if only I spend hours on the phone with them and then sign up for over-priced hosting, etc... I can't imagine how this method is cost-effective in any way, but I guess if someone really likes to design websites, maybe this can help them pass their time?
  • Apps to Make My Life Easier - it seems like there is an app for almost anything these days, and 90% of them have been pitched to me in the past 3 weeks. Someone has created an app to solve every problem I didn't know I had, and all I have to do is download an app and sign up for a monthly fee to have that app take care of that problem that I don't know about. These pitches are very entertaining for me as many of the apps are simply watered down or less-effective versions of apps that I already happily pay for and integrate into my practice.
As I get ready for the Labor Day weekend, I can only wonder what fantastic sales pitch will await me on Tuesday morning...

Have a great weekend everyone!